Surigao del Sur is blessed with different natural resources, from lakes, beaches, falls, mountains, and much more. It is not surprising that Surigao del Sur is one of the best destinations that can be chosen when it comes to nature tripping.

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Surigao del Sur is an area in the Philippines situated in the Caraga locale in Mindanao. Its capital is Tandag City. It is situated on the eastern bank of Mindanao and facing the Philippine Sea toward the east. Map here.

Before we continue, I will just give you an idea that what we had during this trip was not for backpackers. Everything was planned ahead of time, from transportation, itinerary, accommodation, and even the expenses during the tour. Meaning, what I can share with you is plainly the experience we had.

So, let’s get started.

  • Britania Group of Island, San Agustin
  • Enchanted River, Hinatuan
  • Bislig Baywalk,
  • Tinuy-an Falls

Timeline (Estimated)

Day 1

1 am – 9 amTravel from Davao to Britania, San Agustin

9 am – 11 am Rest and unpacking

11 am-12 pm Lunch

12 pm-4 pm Britania Group of Islands

4 pm-6 pm Recreational Activity/Dinner

Day 2

8 am – 10 am Travel from Britania San Agustin to Enchanted River

10 am -12 pm Enchanted River

12 pm – 2 pm Travel going to Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig

2 pm – 3 pm Lunch

3 pm – 7 pm Travel from Bislig to Manay

7 pm Rest and Dinner

Britania Group of Islands

San Agustin is blessed with 24 islands and islets scattered all over Lianga Bay, which confronts the Pacific Ocean. The gathering of islands is called Britania, named after its barangay.

As we arrived in San Agustin there was a heavy rain, it was a bad weather, perhaps. That’s why went straight to Mac Arthur’s Place where we booked a reservation beforehand. They have decent cottages that can cater 10-15 persons and it is just fronting the Britania’s Group of Islands.

2nd floor of our cottage.

Good thing the rain stopped. Though it was gloomy, we cannot compromise our itinerary since as you have noticed almost half of the total hours from our itinerary was for traveling. So we moved on.

We started to hop into the boat at 12 pm and travel going to the first island which is the Hagonoy island for around 20 mins. 



Hagonoy Island

It is a virgin island! There are coconut trees, rocks, sand, and sea water. That’s it. Nothing less, nothing more. We just stayed for about 15 mins then go back to the boat.

In front of Hagonoy Island is the Naked Island. As what the name of the island is suggesting, it is really naked. Meaning, nothing is in there_just plain white sand. So we did not bother to visit the area.

Next stop is Boslon Island. This is the main island where tourists really visit and stay for longer time than the other islands. You can appreciate this island because of its fine sand. You can also see a statue of Mama Mary facing the sea.

Boslon island.

We also asked our bangkeros if we can have our swimming in between the islets for deeper diving, and they agreed. We had it for 30 mins then went back to Boslon Island. So most of our time was being spent on this island, then decided to go back to our cottage.



On the following day, we packed right away to travel to Enchanted River. But before that, we had some stop over to a souvenir shop where you can also view the Britania Group of Islands.

Britania Group of Islands and Islets

Hinatuan Enchanted River

The river itself is just at the back of the signage.

The Hinatuan Enchanted River is a profound spring stream on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It streams into the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean at Barangay Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. It is found between the limits of Barangays of Talisay and Cambatong.

From Britania Group of Islands, it took us almost 2-3 hours to reach Enchanted River. As you arrived, you can see souvenir stalls where you can buy cheap and nice remembrance. The parking area was quite far from the enchanted river itself. So we needed to wait for their van since we were carrying pieces of luggage. But if you cannot wait for the van and don’t have heavy things to carry, then you can walk for about 100 meters.

Entrance Fee = Php 30.00   |  Life Jacket Rental = Php 15.00 per hour

Enchanted River
Walk from parking area to the river.
Entrance to the river.

Bislig Baywalk


Their baywalk is just along the road, so you can stop over and take some pictures.

Tinuy-an Falls




Tinuy-an Falls! Sigh. It really manifested what the name is suggesting. Tinuyo-an in Cebuano or Visayan dialect means intentional. Intentional in a way that it is far from the highway and you really need to have the intention whether you want to visit or not. The road going there was rocky and it will take you 2 hours to reach the place coming from the highway alone.

The entrance fee on that day was Php 40.00. The attendant said that the entrance fee will depend on the prior weather. Usually, it will cost around Php 20-30.00 only. Since it was raining and the volume of water was high, so as the price.

We just took our lunch then packed up right away.

We actually went straight to Manay and Mati City. For a full read, I will lead you to my another blog intended for Davao Oriental Escapade.

Finally, we reached Davao at 8 pm already. Exhausted but it was fun. In this trip, I can say that we really did not maximize the spot that we had visited. So if you can suggest a better itinerary, please feel free to comment below.

Surigao del Sur has a lot of tourist destinations that you can visit with. However, these destinations are quite distant from each other. So if you have a plan, you better secure your transportation and accommodation beforehand. This will really lessen your burden as you have your tour. Nevertheless, it was a  new and fun-filled experience.


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